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The best gift parents can give to their children is their strong and loving relationship.

No matter how much you invest in your children, their education and in caring for them, your children will notice if your relationship with your spouse is not good.

A happy, secure and fulfilled marriage is a task of a lifetime, a work in progress.  Love, tenderness and respect are key to a happy marriage.  Love is not a sentiment, it is a decision. A happy and fulfilled marriage is not a matter of luck: it is the result of continually working to strengthen the bond to deepen the relationship and the friendship through effective communication and the sincere gift of self.​

Your marriage is a beautiful loving adventure.  You will be amazed how much you will learn from other couples, what insights you will get into your own good and not so good habits and how they affect the relationship with your spouse.


  1.  The Love Bond

  2.  Sexual Persons

  3.  Marital Communication

  4.  Work and Family

  5.  Family Life

  6.  Money Matters

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