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Married Love 
For couples of all ages

Course Description: 

For married couples looking to strengthen their bond and deepen their personal growth. This course teaches that:

  • Men and women are different and complementary- learn how to appreciate and integrate the differences that enable one another to grow and flourish. 

  • Communication is a key component of a successful marriage- learn effective communication practices that enable husband and wife to work as a team. 

  • For those desiring to have children, the strength and unity of spouses provides security for the children understand and appreciate the fundamental role of parents in effectively educating their children.

  • Creating time to bond deepens affection in a marriage- rediscover the powerful influence and primacy of spousal love, the first love and foundation of family life.

The Married Love course provides couples with the tools to overcome challenges in their married life and achieve greater marital happiness and unity. This course will guide you, step-by-step and topic-by-topic, to practice and improve communication with your spouse, and to develop a balance that respects both the priority of work and the priority of family life.

Course Benefits


  • An enlightening and helpful way to connect and develop friendships with other couples facing similar challenges.

  • Share wisdom with other couples who are committed to self-empowerment, improving their marriages, and uplifting family life. 

  • Acquire lifelong skills to analyze case studies with the goals of discovering facts, identifying problems based on facts, and exploring possible practical solutions. 

Every case study is rich in content, relevant to our current culture, and provides for an informative and enriching learning experience. 


  1. Love Bond

  2. Sexual Persons

  3. Marital Communication

  4. Work And Family

  5. Communication Within Marriage

  6. Money Matters

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