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First Letters 
For married couples with children from 4 to 7 years old.

Course Description: 

Your child is not a baby anymore. You can teach her about herself since her personality is now developing, and she is approaching the age of reason. You will learn about how to be the best parents with your child’s unique personality and talents by giving her individualized attention at this stage of development. 

The First Letters course will help you, to reconcile the unique upbringing you are creating with the influence of friends and family. You, both husband and wife, will work as a team to create or rediscover your family style to raise your children with the foundation of human virtues and how to introduce these values to your child.


1. Building character in children 

2. Authority and discipline

3. Leisure and play     

4. Love and life

5. Finding time for being a couple 

6. Family environment

7. Religious education of children

Course Benefits

The First Letters course is an enlightening and helpful way to connect and develop friendships with other couples facing similar challenges. You will share wisdom with other couples who are committed to self-improvement, strengthening their marriages, and uplifting family life. You will acquire lifelong skills to analyze case studies with the goals of discovering facts, identifying problems based on facts, and exploring possible practical solutions. Every case study is rich in content, relevant to our current culture, and provides for an informative and enriching learning experience. 


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